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sugary delight

sugary delight

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ingredients ; organic sugar,african shea butter, coco butter, grapeseed oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil, poppy seeds, essential oils,pigment color.


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how to use ? It's best to use a body scrub once your skin is already free of dust and dirt that may have accumulated on your skin already. This way, the scrub can work its magic of cleansing more effectively! So, make sure that you shower with lukewarm water and you finish using soap or a body wash prior to using your body scrub.

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feels like velvet

  • exfoliation supreme

    it helps retain hydration to your skin ,enjoy the essential oils blend of citrus & eucaeucalyptus . gives you arelaxing shower experience .

  • sugary delight

    it has a blend of butters & essential oils ,emulsifying wax gives you a creamy effect on you skin , before bath exfoliate your skin by using sugary delight .

  • shimmer lipgloss

    it has a bronze shimmer pigment infused jojoba oil,

    coconut oil,

    castor oil,

    vitamin E

    WITH BLEND OF strawberries PEPERMINT flavors.

  • sparkle hearts

    enjoy you days by using sparkle hearts lipgloss ,it give you more shine & sparls on you lips.

    vitamin E

    is rich in antioxidants.

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feel the shine & shimmer on your lips by using ilaks cosmetics lipgloss

ilaks cosmetics

feels like velvet